It’s a Friday evening in the beginning of summer, that’s finally here. The excruciating long work week that seemed to drag on is finally over. Lately it’s just been one thing after another and you just can’t seem to catch a break. But, the sun is setting, you’re lowering your exhausted body into jet streams that hit those tension filled muscles just right then you take that much needed deep breath, followed by the glorious end of the day sigh. But the relaxation doesn’t stop there, the lavender InSPAration spa scent you’ve added creates a healing aroma that cleanses your body from top to bottom.

InSPAration provides calmness and balance to the body and mind while purifying the spirit.


Lavender InSPAration is packed with benefits. From clearing acne and tightening wrinkles to strengthening your immune system.  Have built up tension in your muscles? Put some lavender in your spa and when you get out, you’ll feel like you have a new and rejuvenated body. Do you suffer from irritable or sensitive skin? Use lavender to improve all over skin appearance. Also, aiding in subsiding painful eczema patches, the real question is what cant lavender fix when added to your spa.

There are many, many other essential scents that have endless benefits for every aspect of your body. Many not realizing that a fruit as common as peaches are included in InSPAration essential oil list. Peaches hold extra anti-aging nutrients and oils that restore nails from acrylics. Essential oils just may fix all your problems by soaking in your hot tub.


Specially designed for spas, hot tubs, and jetted baths.  Guaranteed to not clog filters or affect water chemistry.  No worries about staining wood, fiberglass, acrylics, or plaster.  Also, all 36 scents other scents are enriched with vitamins, extracts, and moisturizers to leave your skin feeling softer and healthier than ever.  All you must do is relax with your back in front of a jet. All the stress flows out of your body as your InSPAration transform your hot tub into a personal oasis.

*  Use caution whenever you use oils in heated water, as the warm water increases the absorption rate both through inhalation and the skin.

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