Do you know when your filter needs replaced?


There are many indicators to notify you that you may need to replace your filters.  Depending on if your pool is seasonal or year-round, how spacious, if there are dogs swimming or not, many factors play into how long your filters will last.


Pool filters, on average, last about three seasons.

That’s if you clean them every so often and everything else is working in harmony.

High PSI

If your pressure reading is above average by a good amount, then it’s a good idea to pull out the filter and look at it. If the cartridge isn’t torn, then you can try to hose it off. If hosing doesn’t seem like it’s going to do the job, then try to deep clean it. Letting the whole cartridge soak in any type of soap (any kind of dish soap will work fine) overnight. Then put it back in, if your PSI doesn’t go back to normal then its time to replace your cartridge.

Water stays green or murky

You’ve checked your pools chemicals and it’s all perfect. But the water does not look appealing at all. So, you probably ran your filter longer than normal, and the water is still not clear. Don’t keep exerting your filter, give it a thorough cleaning, put it back in and if the water doesn’t clear up in a few days then its time to get some new filters.

*Hint*:   Let filters fully dry after cleaning before putting them back

Broken Bands

The bands around the cartridges aren’t just for looks. They have a significant importance. The turbulence from the purification cycle can cause the pleats (the creases in the paper of the cartridge) to fray. So, the bands help keep these pleats in place to prevent pleat flutter. One broken band is fine, it’s just an indicator that the filter will need to be replaced soon. If there is more than one broken, then it should be replaced as soon as possible.


Check when cleaning

Do a full complete examination of your filter. Checking for any rips in the fabric or cracks in the plastic. If there are, a new filter is in order.

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