Money Saving Tips for Pool Owners

If you’re a veteran pool owner or new to this world you still know how pools can affect the pocket book. They’re a nice luxury to have in the privacy of your own home but they can tack on additional expenses quick. Not only the pool itself but the chemicals, electricity, and the continuous upkeep. But any type of pool can be affordable and enjoyable when you do miscellaneous things to be more efficient. Some of these tips just may surprise you!

Run your pool pump at night

Most electric companies charge the most during 7am-7pm. Run your pump at night or your company’s non-peak hours to knock off a few bucks on your electric bill.

Limit pool water evaporation

You can’t see it happening, but it is. Water evaporation is one of the leading ways to lose water in your pool. H2O isn’t free or even cheap for that matter. An uncovered pool loses, on average, an inch of water per week. Now that depends on the climate you live in, if your pool is seasonal or year-round but none the less. Water evaporation happens everywhere. The only way to reduce evaporation is to cover your pool while not in use. We know, it may seem tedious to cover and uncover whenever you want to use your pool. But an extra two minutes could save you hundreds.

No running, No splashing

The reason to have a pool is to enjoy it but inevitable, splashing is going to happen. Splashing means the occupants are having fun, right? We’ve all done it, but you must be the white flag when it comes to splash wars. You’d be surprised how much water can end up watering your lawn. Leave the water level low enough to begin with that normal activities don’t result in major splash outs.

Use your best judgement

We all want our pools to have the perfect balance of chemicals but sometimes you don’t need all of what is suggested on the back of the container. Use your best judgment when it comes to adding extra chemicals. Obviously the less you use, the more you’ll save.

When your alkalinity levels are a little too low, add some baking soda. It has the same effects as standard alkalinity increaser. Only use small amounts, it could make your pool look cloudy if you use too much.

Run your filter less

If you live in a mild climate, you can save by running your filter less. Most of us run the filters anywhere from non-stop, 24/7 to 12 hours a day. Filtering the water is probably one of the most important factors in pool maintenance but when your swim water is cold, that alone can help prevent the growth of algae. Therefore, it’s okay to run your filter for only 6 hours a day, when living in a cooler climate.

Cover your pool with a solar cover

Solar cover are considerably cheaper than other covers. Plus, you don’t need to spend money when operating them, since they’re solar. These covers trap the heat in your pool, saving you on running your water heater. Since it’s a pool cover, it eliminates the amount of debris that can contaminate your pools water. So not only saving you time because you won’t have to fish out stubborn leaves and twigs, but also saving you on adding chemicals to rebalance the water. When debris enters the water, it contributes to the changes of waters chemical levels. Solar pool covers can save you not only money but more time to enjoy your pool.

Say no to the diving board

Sure, diving boards are awesome additions to a pool but what many people don’t realize is how big of a liability they really can be. First your insurance premium is going to sky rocket just for installing a diving board. That’s the case if you happen to luck out, some insurance companies may just cancel your whole home insurance policy. So just avoid the whole fiasco and say no to a diving board.

Buy you’re pool chemicals early

Most of pool stores run beginning of the season sales on all the chemicals you will need for the season.  Always check the expiration dates on chemicals because they do expire.  

Throw a tennis ball in your pool

A tennis ball? yes, and it’s more than just for playing with. Sunscreen, makeup, dirt, dead skin, even perfumes wash off your body into the water and all floats on the surface. The fuzziness of the tennis ball soaks all the debris up, so your filter doesn’t have too.  

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