SS-10-01 Sponge Float

SS-10-01 Sponge Float

$4.99 $7.99

1 Pack

When placed in a clean pool or spa, the Guardian ScumShield helps reduce the formation of scum lines along sides & improves filtration by catching unwanted substances before they enter your filter system!


  • Absorbs 40x its weight in body & suntan oils, suntan lotions, pollen, cosmetics, scum & more!
  • 300% more surface area than the commonly used tennis ball
  • Clog-free design does not get stuck in water lines
  • In normal swim/spa conditions, ScumShield should last an average season
To Use: Place in the pool skimmer or free float in spa. Flip to other side when full. When both sides are saturated, simply squeeze out, rinse & reuse!
    4.5" x 3.8"

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