Swimming Pools: Maintenance Edition

"On a balmy summer day, what are some things you hear most people say when the heat becomes so unbearable? I'll tell you, it's usually something like "I wish I was in a swimming pool right now", or "Is there anyone who has a swimming pool?' Or, -- well you get the point.

If you are someone who is fortunate enough to be one of those who people look to on those kinds of days, you didn't get there by accident; you worked hard to get your pool ready and sustainable for others along with yourself to enjoy. 

When it comes to maintaining your pool, there are several things you must cover in order to assure your pool is safe to swim in, and enjoyable as well, these things include:..."

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Swimming pools: The Gift That Keeps on Giving -- physical therapy edition

When you think of swimming pools, the first things that probably come to mind are: pool noodles, whirlpools, rafts, right? Pools, actually are even helpful when rehabbing from injuries too!

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Common Cleaning Products Useful for Pools

For your common problems, there are common products you probably already have under your sink that work just as well as the pool store cleaning products.

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InSPAration provides calmness and balance to the body and mind while purifying the spirit.

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Common Swimming Myths

Waiting an hour after eating Probably the biggest myth adamantly told children everywhere. Perhaps just a parenting strategy to get kids to take a...

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Do you know when your filter needs replaced?

Aside from the obvious change to murky water from crystal clear, like it should be.

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